Trust Fund Partners

The DD Endowment Governing Board

Establishes policy for the Trust Program. The 7-member Governor-appointed board always includes at least four individuals who have family members with a developmental disability.


Acts as Trust Manager and is the one point of contact regarding the Trust program. The Arc provides ongoing customer service, including education about the program, enrollment information, contribution and disbursement assistance, and overall administration of the individual trust accounts.

THE WASHINGTON STATE Department of commerce

Provides support to the governing board and manages the Trust’s contracts and program development.


Invests the Trust’s funds. The funds are invested conservatively at the direction of the DD Endowment Trust Fund Governing Board. An individual’s private contributions and state matching funds are managed and invested separately from the state retirement and public trust funds. For additional details on how the funds are managed, please visit the SIB’s website.

The Governing Board Needs You! but not yet

As of September 1, 2021, the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Endowment Governing Board has no vacancies. Thank you to all the candidates that responded to our last call. We are grateful for their passion and willingness to serve.

The DDETF is a Governor-appointed board. Although there currently is no vacancy, we are always looking for candidates with a family member with a developmental disability or expertise with developmental disabilities to join the board. To apply, go to the governor’s website for boards and commissions.

The DD Endowment Trust Fund is unlike any other special needs trust in that the State of Washington has put its financial and organizational support behind its administration and investments. It is a truly low cost program for Washingtonians. Watch our the video to learn more about serving on our Board.

Board posItions

Member Name Region Position Requirements
Richter, Paul Puget Sound Board Chair
Angel, Catalina Northwest General Public
Johnson, Randi Northeast Family Member
Knight, Lawson Southeast General Public
Rubin, Dan Puget Sound General Public
Meiyappan, Pal Puget Sound Family Member
Mercer, Kathy Northeast Family Member

Website Privacy and Accessibility Policy

Select the link to view the DDETF Website-Privacy-Accessibility-Policy available as a PDF document.

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