What to expect

New Account Packet

After you have opened a DD Endowment Trust Fund trust account, a new account packet will be mailed to the Primary Representative within a week of the trust opening. This will include:

  • a copy of your Joinder Agreement and Schedule C;
  • information about the new account; and,
  • contribution slips and disbursement forms.


Included in the new account packet are contribution slips. Blank forms are also available here. Please include a filled out contribution slip along with a check made payable to DD Endowment Trust Fund.

Mail to:

Developmental Disabilities Endowment Trust Fund
c/o The Arc Washington State
2638 State Ave NE
Olympia, WA 98506

Checks, money orders and cashier’s checks are the only type of assets the program is able to accept.

At this time, the program does not have the ability to accept direct deposits; however, online bill pay service may be available through your financial institution. Please reference the individual’s account number in the memo.


Included in the new account packet are the Disbursement Procedures and Disbursement Request forms. Blank request forms are also available here. A completed Disbursement Request form signed by the Primary Representative is required in order for a request to be processed.

All requests must be submitted along with copies of any billings, invoices or other appropriate documentation supporting the expenditures.

Important Information About Disbursements:
Checks are never made payable directly to a Beneficiary, as it may be counted as income and impact the benefits they are entitled to receive. Each account is eligible for twelve free disbursements during a plan year (the account’s year starts when the first contribution to the account is made). Multiple checks written at one time count as one disbursement. After twelve disbursements, each additional disbursement will be charged a $12.50 fee.

Quarterly Statements

The Primary Representative also receives quarterly statements. Statements are generally mailed out about a month after the quarter has ended. Each quarterly statement will reflect contributions and disbursements, earnings or loses, and any fees charged or matched back by the program.


Most parts of the trust document can be updated; however, three parts of the trust cannot be changed once a trust is opened. These are:

  1. Primary Donor
  2. Beneficiary
  3. Disposition Plan

To make a change, the Trust program requires written confirmation from the Primary Representative to update the Beneficiary’s file.

Forms to update some account information are available here. You may also call to request to have them mailed to you.

Your completed forms, with updated changes, can be emailed or mailed to the Trust Office.

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