Terms Definitions

An eligible person for whom an individual trust account has been established. *

A withdrawal of funds from an individual trust account

Disbursement Plan
A plan submitted at the time of enrollment that identifies the goods or services most likely appropriate to supplement the needs of the Beneficiary. (Schedule C of the Joinder Agreement)

Disposition Plan
A plan submitted at the time of enrollment that directs how any remaining private funds will be disbursed from the individual trust account upon the death of the Beneficiary. *

Endowment Trust Fund System
A service that allows primary representatives to view quarterly statements for authorized trust accounts through a web browser.

Individual Trust Account
The account that holds assets for the beneficiary.

Joinder Agreement
Establishes the Primary Donor’s consent to invest funds according to the master trust document. It includes the disbursement and disposition plans for the individual trust account, and designates the Primary Representative and additional people authorized to request disbursements.

Master Trust Document
Establishes and defines the operation and guidelines of the DD Endowment Trust Fund and governs individual trust accounts. Separate master trust documents apply to the Trust I (Third Party Trust) and the Trust II (Self-Settled Trust).

Matching Funds
Refers to money that the state contributes to individual trust accounts, based on program requirements.

Non Judicial Agreement Form (TEDRA)
A form that can be used to change the final disposition plan for a trust account instead of a court order.

Primary Donor
The person who sets up an account for a Beneficiary, and submits and signs the Joinder Agreement.*

Primary Representative
The person authorized to request disbursements, receives account statements and is named in the Joinder Agreement as the person the Governing Board and/or Trust Manager may communicate with regarding a Beneficiary’s interests.

Vested Account
An individual trust account that has initially qualified for matching funds by meeting requirements over a 3-year period.

*These three items are permanent and can never be changed on the Joinder Agreement.

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