Individuals are eligible to be DDETF trust Beneficiaries if they meet three conditions at the time of enrollment.

  1. Reside in the State of Washington.
  2. Meet the state definition of developmental disability,
    as determined by a representative of the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration.
  3. Must be under the age of 65 at the time of enrollment.

To verify eligibility that an individual meets the state definition of developmental disability, please provide a copy of:

  • A letter from the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration that references the prospective Beneficiary as a client (example: a letter stating the name of the individual’s case manager); or
  • A copy of the first page of an Individual Service Plan (ISP) or Planned Action Notice (PAN); or
  • Contact the prospective Benefciary’s current case manager to request a letter indicating that the individual is a client of the WA State Developmental Disabilities Administration.

Only residents of Washington State with a developmental disability that meet eligibility criteria of the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration are eligible to be a Beneficiary of a DD Endowment Trust Fund account. This proof of eligibility must be submitted with the completed enrollment packet.

STEP 2 – Request an Enrollment Packet

Contact The Arc Washington State to have an enrollment packet mailed or emailed, or download the document online here. When requesting or downloading a packet, be sure to identify and download the correct documents for the type of trust you would like to open, as Trust I and Trust II documents are not the same.

The enrollment packet contains:

  • Joinder Agreement;
  • Schedule C; and,
  • Master Trust Document

The Joinder Agreement and Schedule C are fill-in-the-blank documents, which will need to be completed prior to submission. These documents personalize the trust for the Beneficiary.

The Master Trust Document, which governs the trust accounts, is important to keep for the Benecfiary’s records.

The three documents combined (Joinder Agreement, Schedule C, and Master Trust Document) create a complete trust document.

STEP 3 – Review and Complete THE Joinder and Schedule C

Review the Joinder Agreement and legibly fill in all requested information. Be sure to refer to page 1 and 2 of the Joinder Agreement for terminology definitions.

Enrollment consultants are available to review the document, page by page if needed, when questions arise. Please call, or email if you have questions or need assistance completing the documents.

STEP 4 – Notarize the Primary Donor’s Signature

Once the Joinder Agreement is completed, the Primary Donor, listed on page 3, will need to have his or her signature notarized. Some banks provide this service for a nominal fee.

When the Trust Office receives a completed enrollment packet, the Trust Manager will sign and have their signature notarized. A copy of the Joinder Agreement will be included in the new account packet sent to the Primary Representative, who is listed on page 4 of the Joinder Agreement.

STEP 5 – Prepare the Enrollment Fee Check

Make the $600 enrollment fee check or money order payable to DD Endowment Trust Fund.

A separate initial contribution check may also be included with the packet. This check would also be made payable to DD Endowment Trust Fund.

STEP 6 – Mail the Packet

Send the completed enrollment packet to the Trust Office at the address below. The completed packet includes:

Proof of eligibility
Joinder Agreement – completed and notarized
Schedule C
Enrollment check

Mail to:

Developmental Disabilities Endowment Trust Fund
c/o The Arc Washington State
2638 NE State Ave
Olympia, WA 98506

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